Ways To Decorate Your Little Girl’s Room

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Your kids will spend a good portion of their childhood in their rooms so make sure they will enjoy their time there. It can be challenging to design a room that your little girl will appreciate but you only need to start by getting to know what she loves and work on that. Here are a few tips in designing your girl’s dream room.

1. Choose a theme she loves

As a parent, you know what your daughter loves so try to incorporate this in the design. If she likes nature and flowers, she would definitely appreciate nature-themed wallpaper or rugs. If she loves princesses and fairy tales, you can decide to put her favorites up on her wall.

2. Add her favorite colors

A lot of little girls love pink so you can choose to paint her room in a soft pink hue. Like the previous tip, you will have to get to know your child and what she likes.

3. Show something about her personality

Every girl will be different and unique. If your little girl is into adventure and dreams to travel the world, you can put a map or globe to accent the room. If she starts showing an aptitude for art, you can display a painting in the wall. This way the room reflects her personality and she would know that the space is her own.

4. Let her choose the bedding

Whether it’s Frozen or Moana, let your daughter choose her beddings once in a while. After all she’s the one who will be sleeping there and she may be more comfortable with a character she recognizes.

5. Keep it simple

As kids, their preferences will still change a lot and they may like one thing and dislike it the next day. So choose simple designs and pieces that you can easily change. There are also a lot of DIY projects you can try to make with your daughter to decorate her room.

Five Ideas To Decorate Your Bedroom

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The bedroom offers a peaceful retreat from a long day from school or work so it is best to keep it warm and cozy. It really doesn’t matter how much space you have for your bedroom, with creativity and these tips, you can transform an ordinary room to a snug place you can relax and rest.

1. Go with minimalism

A small space can look more cramped with too much detail so it can be a good choice to be more minimalistic in your approach. You can opt for more monochromatic and neutral colors or gentle hues of blue and green. These soothing colors can give a more comfortable environment that will help you relax. Using only the necessities will also help you move with ease.

2. Add a splash of color

Going minimalistic does not mean that you have to settle for a dull room. Colors can give life to any room and it can give a fun and playful twist to your bedroom. You can also choose slightly toned-down colors to create a more homey effect. You can also have a piece of artwork to accentuate a plain wall.

3. Have the right number of pillows

It’s a great idea to have lots of pillows to make your bed look sumptuous and inviting. This can also make sleeping a lot more comfortable. However having too many pillows will have you dig through to get to your bed.

4. Create a nook

If there is enough space, give yourself a quiet place where you can sit or read. A simple and cozy chair beside your bookshelf and placed in a corner of your room can be enough. Don’t forget to put a light source. You can also build a window seat to be able to enjoy your view outside.

5. Get creative!

These tips will help you get started on decorating but they are not the only way to create your space. Your bedroom reflects your personality and you are free to do whatever you want so start getting creative.

Five Ideas On How To Transform Your Bedroom

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The bedroom will be your personal sanctuary so it should be decorated in a way that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You will be spending a lot of your time in this room so get creative and create the bedroom of your dreams. Here are a few ideas on how you can transform your bedroom.

1. Personalize your headboard

Wooden and metal headboards can be a bit harsh on your cozy room but there are ways to make this more pleasant. There are a lot of options on purchasing your preferred headboards but you can also try and make one for yourself. There are a lot of ideas on how to customize your headboard using readily available materials.

2. Put in a comfortable rug

Aside from keeping your feet from the cold, hard floor, rugs are a great way to add a bit of texture to the room. Fluffy rugs also can also make a room warm and cozy.

3. Display a piece of artwork

Whether it’s a piece that you bought or a painting that you did yourself, an artwork on your bedroom wall will definitely add personality to your room. If you have a big blank wall in your bedroom, putting a piece of artwork will also help make it look less plain.

4. Display things you love

This is your personal space so it is a great idea to put the things you love around you. Seeing these things can help you relax and keep a positive vibe in your room.

5. Use color

Pops of color can make any room more interesting and fun. You don’t even have to stick with just one color if that is what you prefer but remember that balance is key.