How To Create A Beautiful Bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom photo
Photo by Chuck 55

You may not spend much time in your bathroom but it is as important as any other room in your house. Bathrooms serve a number of functions but generally have more limited space. This can be a challenge when decorating this room so here are a few tips that you can consider.

1. Maximize storage space

Aim to make every inch count. You can add floating shelves and cabinets where you can store bathroom essentials and prevent a cluttered space.

2. Light it up

Similar to any room in your house, good lighting is essential for the bathroom. You can let in natural light by using translucent curtains. For tasks like shaving and applying makeup, install lights at the top and sides of the mirror for optimum lighting. You can also provide other sources of light for the tub or shower if needed.

3. Brighten up the paint

Use light colors for majority of the surfaces in your bathroom to create a sense of a bigger space. You can still use darker colors for accents and to add pops of color to avoid a dull looking bathroom.

4. Install art pieces

Artworks need not be limited to bedrooms and living rooms. Choose water resistant prints or create your own customized piece for a more personal touch. You can also try unusual wall decorations such as shells or ceramic pieces.

5. Upgrade old hardware

Change drawer handles, towel bars, toilet paper handles, and similar items especially if they are starting to rust or change in color. This simple task may seem insignificant but the little change it offers can add to the new and fresh feel of your bathroom. Just make sure that the new and old hardware have similar sizes to prevent more problems in making or covering up screw holes.

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