Ways To Decorate Your Little Girl’s Room

girls decor bedroom photo
Photo by Sarah Embaby

Your kids will spend a good portion of their childhood in their rooms so make sure they will enjoy their time there. It can be challenging to design a room that your little girl will appreciate but you only need to start by getting to know what she loves and work on that. Here are a few tips in designing your girl’s dream room.

1. Choose a theme she loves

As a parent, you know what your daughter loves so try to incorporate this in the design. If she likes nature and flowers, she would definitely appreciate nature-themed wallpaper or rugs. If she loves princesses and fairy tales, you can decide to put her favorites up on her wall.

2. Add her favorite colors

A lot of little girls love pink so you can choose to paint her room in a soft pink hue. Like the previous tip, you will have to get to know your child and what she likes.

3. Show something about her personality

Every girl will be different and unique. If your little girl is into adventure and dreams to travel the world, you can put a map or globe to accent the room. If she starts showing an aptitude for art, you can display a painting in the wall. This way the room reflects her personality and she would know that the space is her own.

4. Let her choose the bedding

Whether it’s Frozen or Moana, let your daughter choose her beddings once in a while. After all she’s the one who will be sleeping there and she may be more comfortable with a character she recognizes.

5. Keep it simple

As kids, their preferences will still change a lot and they may like one thing and dislike it the next day. So choose simple designs and pieces that you can easily change. There are also a lot of DIY projects you can try to make with your daughter to decorate her room.